Ohinemutu the place where Hine te-Kakara (the fragrant maid) was murdered. She was the daughter of Ihenga. After her death she was thrown into a boiling mud pool. Ihenga grandson of Tamatekapua set-up a memorial stone and called it OHINEMUTU...

Established April 2000, the Ohinemutu Informer magazine is a monthly 40-page publication packed with stories about Te Arawa history, people, events, myths & legends; Over the years we have built a strong and growing presence in our local Maori communities especially Ohinemutu, Te Koutu, Tarewa Rd. Ngongotaha, Maketu; boasting subscribers from throughout Aotearoa from the far north to the deep South and Australia.

Passing on stories from the old people, being brought up in the Pah, listening to the stories from the old people has left me with a wealth of historical knowledge and experience.

Although targeted mainly to members of Te Arawa Confederation of Tribes, the publication has snippets of interest for Maori and non-Maori. Ngati Whakaue, was the major land owner who gifted the land for the establishment of Rotorua City......All the stories come out of Ohinemutu and the outlying areas.

Early articles range from the story behind the famous Ka Mate Ka Mate haka to tributes to our Te Arawa men and women. It links the old with the new. Tamatekapua our paramount chief and Ihenga his grandson our famous name-giver.

The Ohinemutu Informer is proudly displayed in schools, public libraries and the National Alexander Turnbull Library, in the homes of our local, national and overseas readers. Kia ora Ra! Moewaka.....

E tautoko ana ahau i tenei kaupapa Wihapi